Developments Ukraine 8th of February

Munich conference without Putin and Lavrov

Latvia sees COVID-19 epidemic in russian camps

CNN about troops movements on ukrainian border

Austria’s gas reserves at 21 percent, Gemany at 34 percent

Donbass-separatists call for Russian support

and here

BM-30 Smerch is there to stay

Russian farmers complain about scarcity of ammonium nitrate

Developments Ukraine 1st of February Part II

Russia stops exports of Ammonium nitrate for two months beginning 2nd of February AN is used for fertilizers, explosives and rocket propellants

Source Interfax

Nine recce fligths today

Pentagon see Russia ready to rumble

Boris Johnson speaks of „clear and present danger“

United Emirates are an important hub for Russian weapons

Experts estimate 180.000 to 200.000 Russiand troops amassed near Ukraine

Heightened helicopter activity at Kerch