Developments Ukraine 15th of February

Fighter Jets over Donezk

Also here

Russian BMPs in a field near the Ukrainian border at Crimea

More troops

105 BTGs, 500 fighter jets and 40 Ships against Ukraine

T-80U near the border to Ukrainie

More helicopters than the base could accomodate

Same her

Helicopter-Armada to Odessa?

Developments Ukraine 14th of February

Russian artillery and rocket launchers moved into firing positions – CBS keine Bestätigung dafür, Obacht!

CBS „satelite images show Russia troops  leaving assembly points and moving to attack positions“

Seven Russian LSTs have left Sevastopol

C-17 Transport rush at US east coast

US-Embassy in Kiev closed

Developments Ukraine 13th of February

RC-135U Combat Sent in UK

Parts of 10th Mountain Div. on the move?

CORONET Mission (for F-22?)

OSZE-Convoi leaves DPR


Political prisoners camp in Belarus

Recce flights with range rings

Developments Ukraine 12th of February


Canada relocates diplomatic staff to Lviv

Combat helicopters (Mi-8 and Kamov Ka-50) on the march

Many helicopters (Mi-8, Mi-24) near Belgorod

More helicopters–x7YpAAAA

and even more

OSZE leaving Donezk

Russian command plane

Dringender Aufruf der US-Regierung

UK calls back all troops

KLMcancels flights to Ukraine

Submarine Rostov-na-donu in Black Sea

Developments Ukraine 11th of February part III

Leave Ukraine immediately

Kämpfe an der Donbass-Frontlinie – Donetsk 22:00  Railway station shoot. heavy. Close.

The US believes Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine, and communicated those plans to the Russian military

82nd Airborne complete CBT deploy to Poland now

State dep. orders all US citizens to leave in the next 24 to 48 hours

Developments Ukraine 11th of February part II

Russian Troops in Donetzk

Norwegen fordert Bürger zum sofortigen Verlassen der Ukraine auf

Nicht mehr lange


USA ziehen OSZE-Beobachter ab

False Flag ahead

Developments Ukraine 11th of February

Update der Sperrgebiete:

Keine Aufklärung über der Ukraine heute, nur Belarus

The Netherlands advises its citizens to leave #Ukraine as soon as possible – BNR News

Japan fordert Bürger zum Verlassen der Ukraine auf

Südkorea unbtersagt Reisen in die Ukraine

3 x 2 F-16 von Bitburg nach Polen Unangekündigt!

Sperrung für Asowsches Meer aufgehoben, für Schwarzes Meer bleibt sie

Neuer Spieler: RC-135U Combat Sent

22 Aufklärungsflugzeuge gestern

NATO-Abfangjäger aktiv

Whiteman AFB sagt Show für Juni ab, wegen „konkurrierender Prioritäten“

GB entsendet Zerstörer ins Schwarze Meer

Japan schickt LNG-Tanker

Rasputiza in Rostow J und hier Gegenmaßnahmen

Developments Ukraine 10th of February part II

4 additional Aegis destroyers sent to Europe All Aeigis ships are BMD capable, fhree of them have the most recent upgrade with SM-3 Block IIA and are capable of midcourse intercept of ICBMs.

F-15 to Poland

More restricted areas

NBC about invasion plans

3K60 Bal coastal defence in Crimea

Ben Hodges sees chances of invasion at 90 percent

Restricted areas block NATO-Recce

Restricted areas block most of the ukrainian coast

Russian convoi en route to border

Developments Ukraine 10th of February

Amphi-group in Sevastopol

Diplomacy GB-RUS

About a Russian amphibious offensive

FSB-special forces en route

21 Recce flughts yesterday

NATO Secretary General warns that Russia has massed „more than 125,000 combat-ready troops“ around Ukraine „The readiness and number of Russian forces is going up. The warning time for an attack is going down“

4 B-52 on the way to Fairford

BUFFs landing at Fairford

Callsigns HATE11, HATE12, HATE13, HATE14

Developments Ukraine 9th of February part II

Russia blocks large portions of Black Sea and Airspace für „exercises“

Areas resemble a blockade

Russian anti-ship-weapons on the move

More 2S7 Pion arty 20 km from the border

military vehicles without markings