Developments Ukraine 3rd of February

ISW sees air attacks as most probable option

Half of russian army amassed near Ukraine and Belarus

Russian letter to Ireland

Iskander in Belarus

Russia parks LNG tanker near Kaliningrad contingency against sanctions

The FT has more

Morej jamming equipment

Lots of videos with ROSGVARDIA en route to Ukraine.

Developments Ukraine 2nd of February

Russia mobilizes national guard ROSGVARDIA

Also here

Troops from Chechnya on the way to Krasnodar

geo localization


British supreme commander sees „land, sea & air exercises, on a scale never seen before“

Heightened activity of russian trolls on Twitter. Hardly a post without a first commentary with russian friendly sound.

EW-system in Belarus

Explanation on Wikipedia

Wagner-mercenaries are leaving Africa en route to Ukraine

NATO weak in Baltic States