Developments Ukraine 10th of February part II

4 additional Aegis destroyers sent to Europe All Aeigis ships are BMD capable, fhree of them have the most recent upgrade with SM-3 Block IIA and are capable of midcourse intercept of ICBMs.

F-15 to Poland

More restricted areas

NBC about invasion plans

3K60 Bal coastal defence in Crimea

Ben Hodges sees chances of invasion at 90 percent

Restricted areas block NATO-Recce

Restricted areas block most of the ukrainian coast

Russian convoi en route to border

Developments Ukraine 10th of February

Amphi-group in Sevastopol

Diplomacy GB-RUS

About a Russian amphibious offensive

FSB-special forces en route

21 Recce flughts yesterday

NATO Secretary General warns that Russia has massed „more than 125,000 combat-ready troops“ around Ukraine „The readiness and number of Russian forces is going up. The warning time for an attack is going down“

4 B-52 on the way to Fairford

BUFFs landing at Fairford

Callsigns HATE11, HATE12, HATE13, HATE14

Developments Ukraine 9th of February part II

Russia blocks large portions of Black Sea and Airspace für „exercises“

Areas resemble a blockade

Russian anti-ship-weapons on the move

More 2S7 Pion arty 20 km from the border

military vehicles without markings

Developments Ukraine 9th of February

Barbed wire system is of Chinese origin

Kaliningrad Recce

Head of Russian joint chgiefs of staff in Belarus

Nato-Recce Ukraine

Thoughts on Russian strategy

2S7 Pion at Ukrainian border

Putin insults Zelensky

More BM-30 Smerch

Range of K-300 Bastion

Developments Ukraine 8th of February part II

No Deal

Bastion K-300 on the march Not Iskander!

also here

Russian National Guard Rosgvardia with barbed wire systems

Troops at the border

Russian heavy arty near the ukrainian border

alos here

How to read Russian license plates

Danish prime minister sees serious situation

Heavy airlift activity over the Atlantic Ocean

convoi five kilometres from the border

14 NATO-Recce flights today

Amphibious convoi passes Bosporus

BM-30 Smerch

Putins Yacht urgently leaves German ship yard

Developments Ukraine 8th of February

Munich conference without Putin and Lavrov

Latvia sees COVID-19 epidemic in russian camps

CNN about troops movements on ukrainian border

Austria’s gas reserves at 21 percent, Gemany at 34 percent

Donbass-separatists call for Russian support

and here

BM-30 Smerch is there to stay

Russian farmers complain about scarcity of ammonium nitrate

Developments Ukraine 7th of February

Russian convoi en route to Ukrainian border

RC-135W „Constant Phoenix“ sehr seltsam

Second RC-135W „Constant Phoenix“ over Med

Nuclear weapons? Is a submarine missing?

Gazprom has stopped booking Yamal-Pipeline until October!

Second Slava-Cruiser enters Med, number three is in Black Sea

Liste of military air lifts to Ukraine

B-52s to Europe (von Minot AFB to Fairford)

Finnish opinion poll about NATO-membership

Ukraine prepares for exit of russian electricity grid

US-reinforcements for Poland

Kiev may fall after 72 hours

Washington Post warns of five million refugess in case of war

US- and NATO forces in Poland

Developments Ukraine 6th of February

Bad news

Russian retired General warns Putin of attack on Ukraine

and here

and here

Russian amphibious group en route to Dardanelles

Russian troops in Dagestan getting mobilized

Developments Ukraine 5th of February part III

Heavy airlift-activity in Russia


OMON-Troops in Kursk

Yelnya on the move

Developments Ukraine 5th of February part II

Russian Troops in Final Stages of Readiness

Propaganda-Video in preparation, 83 BTGs ready, 14 more to com

Night shift on REDEYE6

Intensive check of northern border

Two command posts in the air at the same time

Russian SU-25 in Belarus

NATO E-3 over estern mediterranean sea

„invasion stripes“ on C-130 fuselage

More trains more armour

Crazy stuff

Weapons transports through German air space

All russian ships in the mediterranean sea

Current Ukrainian Status